Why Smart Meters Are the Future of Electric Meters In The Office

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Electricity-in-Bijapur1Smart meters are the future generation of electricity meters. They help you keep track of the power consumed in your home with the help of in-home displays. They have revolutionised electricity meters by cutting the need for meter readings. The government is planning to install smart meters for electricity in residential homes and businesses so that customers can save energy by being constantly aware of their energy expenditures.

With the use of smart electric meters, households and businesses can make informed decisions regarding the use of electricity by taking into account real-time and accurate data about it. Customers can see the peak times of energy consumption, whether during the day or night, and adapt their power consumption based on this information.

Smart meters from Smart Process enable you to avoid wasting energy in order to provide long-term financial savings. They are not only useful for cost efficiency, but they also promote a greener world by saving energy. They are more accurate than traditional electric meters, which means that customers only pay for the energy they consume based on the accurate readings provided by these smart electricity meters. The bills are not estimated and therefore, customers don’t have to pay more than what they owe to the power supplier.

How Smart Meters Work

Smart meters work by measuring the total energy used just like a traditional meter, but they are also capable of telling how and when the energy was used and the cost of the energy consumed. Smart meters also have a communication system that allows them to display this data on a device placed in your home, which can also be read by the energy supplier. IHD (in-home display) units are provided with the smart meters. These displays are the most visible part of smart metering systems as they provide up-to-date information on energy consumption. IHD units also provide usage history so that the customers can compare their current usage with the past.

Benefits of Smart Meters

Smart meters enable customers to see when their energy consumption is at the peak and what amount it costs them. This enables them to cut down on usage and save energy. This provides an opportunity for long-term financial savings.

Traditional electricity meters lack accuracy and as a result, most customers pay estimated bills. On the other hand, smart meters provide accurate readings, which means that everyone pays only for the energy they have consumed. You can compare your past usage to your current usage to make sure that the steps taken to reduce energy consumption are working. Smart meter readings enable customers to save any energy that is being wasted. This type of meter is automated as it sends the information of your energy consumption directly to the supplier. This information could be sent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Smart meters are the future of electric metering as power supply companies aim to install smart meters in all houses and commercial properies, including serviced offices Liverpool Street. So get ready to see some change!

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Why You Should Hold Business Meetings In An Office

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theofficenotshitIf you’re business has been up and running a long time and is successful then you probably already have an office. However if you’re a new startup this may not be the case, but the truth is having an office is extremely important if you’re hoping for success and here’s why:

More Professional

A potential client is likely to be impressed by a well run office and therefore you will appear more professional. Holding meetings in public places or even at home shows that you are not efficiently run.

Shows Success

If you have a fully-fledged office this shows to clients that you can afford having an office in the first place. This will make you as a business seem appealing as it demonstrates that you can do the job well.

Can See How You Work

If a client is deterred because they don’t quite understand your process of working, having a meeting in your office will push them into the heart of the action and will enable them to gain a better understanding of your business and staff as well as your working ethics.

In Your Space

It is with no shadow of a doubt that people feel comfortable in places they are used to, so as a business owner your office is probably more like your home. Therefore having a business meeting in your office gives you more confidence and will make you more likely to seal the deal.

So if you haven’t considered getting a local office space you probably should and you can thank me after your business thrives because of it.

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The Benefits Of Having Artificial Plants In Your Office

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It’s a well established that an office environment works well with plants however not all offices can accommodate living plants for a number of different reasons. Below are a few reasons why you may want to consider artificial plants for your office as opposed to living:

Light Conditions

Plants need particular light conditions in order to survive; hence a plant’s natural habitat is the great outdoors. If you have had plants in your office previously that have struggled to grow within the light conditions of your office then consider a replica instead.plant-light1


Another key factor to a plant’s growth is temperature. Some need a specific temperature to survive which can be difficult to achieve within an office as it does not exactly come with climate control. With artificial plant hire one does not have to consider adverse temperatures whatsoever.Plant+care+needed


An office is an extremely busy environment and employees would rather spend their time working hard than tending to a plant. With an artificial plant you can still get the same aesthetic for your office without having to put in the hard work.Fall-Maintenance-1


Within an office health and safety precautions have to be taken at any given time and so this needs to be taken into consideration when picking plants. With artificial plants they can be made inherently from fire retardant materials to avoid any potential emergencies.BE-CAREFUL-SIGNS-4225A-ba


Unlike living plants artificial plants are entirely customisable which will allow you to match your plants completely to your business.SizeGuide3

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DFA Productions’ Tips To Increase Participants In Business Events

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events_newFor several profitable events, the main problem is to gather the desired number of participants for the event. If only a few participants attend the event, it will be considered a failure and a waste of resources especially if the budget is high and an event management company handles the event. Just like any other event management companies, DFA Productions acknowledge that the host themselves play a vital role which determines the number of participants they can gather for the event. However, DFA Productions have tips to increase participants for their client’s events.

  1. Detailed event description – Most participants go to an event with a specific goal. A detailed description on the event will provide potential participants a preview on whether their goals can be achieved if they participate in the event.
  2. Monday event – According to surveys, events held on Mondays have the most participants on any profitable events. Weekend events or events during holidays are discouraged since most people would prefer to relax during these times.
  3. Charged event – DFA Productions noticed that participants who paid a registration fee will always go to the event compared to people who promised to go to a free event. It is always important to consider a registration fee which is reasonable for the event.
  4. Limited participants – Events which claimed to have limited slots will often get full attendance compared to events which allow any number of participants. This is a great trick which hosts can take advantage. They will simply state that the event is limited instead of specifying the exact number of participants since they can accept as many participants as possible.
  5. Great invitation design – For events which distribute invitations, the design can impact the decision of the recipient on whether to attend or ignore the event. Some event management companies will handle the creation of invitations.
  6. Accessible venue – Venues which are easily accessible can increase the participants of the event compared to far and hard to access venue locations. DFA Productions handles the selection of the venue which fits the budget and expected number of participants on the event.
  7. Local or online advertising – Advertising is a great way to inform the public on the coming event. Though it will cost some money, local radio, posts on bulletin boards, online website and social networking sites provide a cheap or free platform to advertise the event to reach as many people as possible.
  8. Advanced event announcement – Announcing the event months in advance allow people interested in the event to clear their schedule and make way for the event.

For more tips on how to increase participants, ask experts such as DFA Productions.


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Gifts For Your Boss

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When it comes to buying gifts there are a few people that are extremely difficult to buy for. Especially when it is hard to judge the boundaries and what level of friendship you’re actually at. So if you are struggling, here are a few tips on what to get (it will certainly save you some time):

A Pen

A pen sounds like a pretty weak present, especially when it is so small. The truth is however a pen has the potential to be a great gift. There are in fact pens from brands such as Parker that are worth an awful lot of money. You can even get the pen personalised, which will instantly make the gift better. So if you haven’t figured out what to get it’s a last resort.images

A trip

Bosses always work extremely hard so why not give them a break? Take some time to figure out what they enjoy to do in their spare time and use this to plan a trip. It’s a gift that they’ll really appreciate.lets-take-a-trip-adam-vance


If in doubt alcohol is always a great way to go. The only problem that can come up is which alcohol to get, for that you’ll have to do a little digging first. With alcohol packaging can be everything so if you get the a few beers don’t forget the beer bottle gift packaging.Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 12.03.51

Office Items

Since they spend most of their time in their office it makes sense to get an office related gift. As for office gifts there are a wide variety of options. If they have a sweet tooth, why not get them some Tabethas Touch personalised sweet bags or, if they have a green thumb you can go for an office plant or simply just go for an office ornament.newtons-cradle-1

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Even Your Office Will Need Cleaning…

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officecleaningCleaning is something we all have to face. No matter how tidy we try to be there will always some form of cleaning to do, be it wiping down surfaces or putting rubbish in the bin. Minor tidying up however begins to rapidly disappear when it comes to owning a business. It goes without saying that the larger your business is the more cleaning there will be. However it is at this point that cleaning becomes less of a task and more of a job.

As the business owner you owe it to your staff, no matter how small or local your business is, a safe and clean working environment. Although you can expect that your staff try to remain as tidy as possible the office still needs to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. It is at this point you should consider hiring office-cleaning staff. However, even with the cleaning staff there may be too much clutter so it is best to hire a Chelmsford removals like Neals Removals. They will get rid of any unwanted clutter for you quick and efficiently.

Not only will the burden of tidying up at the end of the day be in the hands of a legitimate business as opposed to the odd member of staff who decides to wipe down their desk every once in a while but the hired cleaning staff can also be held accountable if the office is not up to shape. This means that you can efficiently run your business carefree and know that there is a structure in place for discipline in case anything does go wrong.

Additionally hiring cleaning staff could save the small business owner money. It may seem like just another expense to add to the pile, which can be extremely disheartening when you are putting your life and soul into the company, but this idea is wrong. Hiring and office cleaning company means that cleaning supplies are also included. This saves you time in the fact that you can focus on running your business rather than shopping errands but it also saves you money due to the fact that cleaning supplies can be expensive.

Finally in hiring an office-cleaning service you will be getting a guarantee of service and frankly it is just a lot less hassle. So visit ICS Online Cleaning, your office deserves it.


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Keeping Business Safe

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As a businessman you know that there are some things that you need to keep safe. Things that if lost can potentially damage your business, which means losing money, something no business wants big or small. If you are a small business owner and you’re wondering where best to keep important business documents or even work funding then here’s a list to help.

A safety deposit box

A safety deposit box is a great place to put small valuable items or a few documents. The best thing about storing things in a safety deposit box is that it is monitored by a third party organisation along with security. This means your items are completely safe.Bank-Safety-Box

A safe

If you’d rather have your items close to hand a good idea is to invest in a safe or an electronic key safe. A safe is a heavy-duty metal box often with a lock of key combination. There are very few people who can actually make their way into an unlocked safe so the idea is that your items are pretty safe. Having a safe is great however always make sure that you have a locksmith to hand in case you lose the keys.012109-safe

A storage locker

For more heavy-duty items a storage locker is a great idea. Again the compound itself will have security and your items can stay under lock and key. You can buy the locker itself or rent it for a certain amount of time, which gives you choice.

storage-lockersA Chinese puzzle box

An unconventional place to store a valuable item is a Chinese puzzle box, although you can only put a small item in there it’s a great idea as only you will know the puzzle key. The fact that the Chinese box is so small and almost looks ordinary disguises its actual purpose.






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